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January 12, 2013
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Riften Mafia by Isriana Riften Mafia by Isriana
Yeah, you really don't get to criticize. Hate to break it to you, Hemming, but it would seem that your son is a budding sociopath with a narcissistic personality disorder, your daughter has a morbid fascination to poisons, and the glorified head of your family is like the mother of all hagravens. Congrats. :P

I remember reading someone comparing the Black-Briars of Riften to the Corleone family from The Godfather - and I find it somewhat accurate. Anyway, no matter what you think of the comparison, the fact is that it's one screwed up family. I mean Bron is anything but a paragon of virtue, but even he doesn't like these guys... :D
Also, my first Skyrim comic in almost three months. Yikes, it's been a while.

Bron Martes me
Ingun, Sibbi, Maven and Hemming Black-Briar Bethesda

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Black-Briars and Silver-Bloods; the two most corrupt clans in Skyrim, and the reason I try to avoid Markarth and Riften. And they both gain power in the Civil War questline.
I've started addressing the Black-Briars as nothing but the Riften Mafia because of this :XD:
Isriana Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good - my task is done. :XD:
Well it is a very accurate nickname. :XD: Now one of the NPCs just needs to start addressing Maven as the Godmother or something
Hemming confuses the crap out of me. He is coded as Maven's husband, but he constantly refers to her as 'mother'. There is some serious weirdness happening in that family.
Isriana Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, a little mishap on game makers' part, forgetting to change that dialogue after tweaking the family tree. It really adds an extra layer of creepy to Black-Briars... :XD:
thebleen12 Jan 28, 2014

"I OWN you all. you'd do well to remember that!" *swings an axe in her face, moves to solethiesm so the guild doesn't know where I am* :I



"make me angery and I contact the dark brotherhood" it possible to make a contract AGAINST the dark brotherhood?

Stargazerium Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Godfather <3
I liked Ingun at first, then her mentor's wife mentioned that she tests her poisons on animals... oh, how the cruel have DIED!
Ingun is better ya know
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