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January 13
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SWTOR: Shots Fired by Isriana SWTOR: Shots Fired by Isriana
A quick little thing I had to draw when I found myself thinking what would happen if my Smuggler and Trooper ever met each other. Generally it takes quite a lot to get under Seela's skin - none of that "alien scum" or "hutt's dancer girl" stuff she usually hears hits a nerve - but boy if you make the mistake of slandering her precious ship. Ramiya on the other hand has a sixth sense for spotting shady characters and she would just not take wisecracking about her position from a lowly smuggler. I can't see that combination ending in anything but tears.
Meanwhile, Sergeant Jorgan keeps wondering how even after four years of academy, seven years in the field and numerous commendations he still ends up drinking with this bunch of children. I'm sorry, Aric. :XD:

Seela Ven and Ramiya me
Corso Riggs and Aric Jorgan Bioware
from Star Wars: The Old Republic

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oh god, now i have to play these classes.
Insulting a smugglers ship is like insulting their lover(if they have one) you will get punched in the face for it
Flytrap-Hell Feb 2, 2014  Student General Artist
Ah, relationships between the smuggler and trooper characters are the best! <3 My Twi'lek captain and my friend's trooper boy ended up to be the weirdest best friends luckily.
I love your little SWTOR comics and your Twi'lek seems so adoreable! Can't help but to notice how all the other characters have sophisticatedly a glass of alcohol, while mrs Captain here is consuming the whole bottle. Sassy~ <3
Just like Scotty and the Klingons :giggle:

Another triumph :clap:
StravenLite Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OK! :XD: That was just pure hilarious!!! :laughing:
I love how embarrassed and resigned their friends are :giggle:, as if this happens far too much :XD:
Isriana Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It probably does. :XD:
Who shot first? Greedo or Han?
"This ain't no lady, she insulted my ship!" Hah, yes. My Smuggler's the same way. You can say whatever you damn well please about her, but if your talk trash about her ship (or her man), you are going DOWN. And poor, poor Jorgan. Maybe someday you'll get to actually finish your drink first. 

It's always fun to figure out character relationships, isn't it? I made my main Trooper and Smuggler a brother/sister pair, and oh the headcanons I have about their relationship and family life... :giggle:
Isriana Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It sure is! :D I love how these characters keep shaping and evolving in my head even long after I've logged out of the game. I've got so many possible SWTOR stories packed in my brain by now that I don't even know what to do with them, lol.
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